Peer Mediation

Ms Bowen is also responsible for the recruiting and training of PEER Mediators each year.

Mediation is a problem-solving procedure and its essence is about finding a solution that satisfies everyone. The children involved in the dispute, rather than the mediator, decide how a dispute will be resolved. This is often called the win/win approach because no adult intervention is used therefore no one gets in trouble.

The process of mediation treats both parties equally. Both parties must have a desire to resolve the problem in hand. Being a Peer Mediator / Monitor will help the children to develop new skills, team work, critical thinking, negotiation skills, their emotional intelligence and problem solving skills. It also gives them a recognition that they are taken seriously, resulting in increased self - confidence and self- esteem. It also helps to increase their tolerance for others as well as develop their listening skills.

Some of the problems they are expected to sort out are:

  • Name calling / teasing
  • Arguing / fighting
  • Bullying

If the situation becomes unmanageable for the PEER MEDIATORS, they are advised to contact a member of staff immediately. They are not allowed to get involved in a confrontation.

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