Pupil Development

Pupil Development Centre (PDC)– What is it?


The overall purpose of the Pupil Development Centre is to work in a holistic way to support all children with their emotional, social and personal development.

A place where children can go to celebrate their successes and achievements


Improve all children’s learning opportunities in and out of school by:-

  • Building resilience and confidence
  • Raising children’s self - awareness
  • Teaching a range of personal strategies for developing healthy self-esteem
  • Managing their behaviour and social difficulties

St Francis PDC work towards providing positive, preventative strategies to help a variety of children before their problems become deeply established.


St Francis began development of their Pupil Development Centre in November 2009. Our Centre is a beautiful sensory room which will be accessible to all children. Our Pupil Development Centre is called:-“THE HAVEN”

THE HAVEN will provide a safe nurturing, visually enriched environment with resources that will enhance children’s learning. The ethos & environment of the room will be therapeutic and calm to enhance children’s cognitive skills.

THE HAVEN will:-

  • Promote learning, emotional and social competence and self-esteem
  • Provide early intervention strategies in order to remove barriers to learning
  • Support children who are in danger of becoming disaffected and need help managing their emotions

THE HAVEN will provide children with skills such as:

  • Concentration & Memory Skills Development
  • Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Cooperation & Communication
  • Social skills - Classroom Behaviour, handling Friendships, Feelings and Bullying
  • Anger Management /Conflict Resolution

PDC Staff

Ms Bowen is responsible for running and organising the PDC. She is a qualified Counsellor and has extensive training in all the areas mentioned above. She is committed to making this centre work for all our children.

All parents are welcome to come along to the school to explore and experience our wonderful Pupil Development Centre.

At the end of the Summer Term, Ms Bowen teaches Education in Human Love lessons to the year 6 children. The programme follows a scheme written by the Diocese of the Catholic Church.

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