Parent Liaison


St Francis provides parents with the opportunities to liaise, communicate and develop their relationship with the school community. Ms Bowen, who is the schools Learning Mentor/Counsellor, has been with the school for 14 years. She is also responsible for the running of the Parent workshops held weekly in the school.

Ms Bowen is available for informal / formal talks with parents on Friday mornings between 8:30 – 8:50 and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30 – 4:30 after school. She is also available on Wednesday afternoons from 2:45 – 3:30. Appointments are made either directly with Ms Bowen or via the school office. Some of the services that have been provided are as follows:-


1. Family language development course (CLPE)

2. Parents as partners in children’s early learning

3. Early language development course

4. Employability/volunteering course

5. Read & write together workshop

6. Introduction to family English

7. Introduction to number

Nancy Du Bois who is the Parent Support Officer for Southwark has worked closely with a number of our parents in the past. Ms Bowen has been running Parent Workshops which provides crèche facilities throughout the year. The following topics have been covered:-


1. Between parent & child

2. Homework – how can I support my child

3. Reading to and listening to my child read

4. Between parent & parent – how can we support each other

5. Between parent & school ( Teachers, Support Staff, Office, Head Teachers)

6. How can I support my child in school – how can the school support me

7. Help support my child’s learning – help remove barriers to learning


1. Rewards and sanctions – what works for my child

2. Talking through problems with your child

3. How to set boundaries and stick to them

4. Dealing with tantrums

5. Bedtimes – how much sleep does my child need?

1. Watching TV – how much is too much?

2. Computers – which websites are safe?

3. Mobile phones – When is it appropriate?


1. Bullying – how to spot the signs of the bullied and the bully

2. Making & keeping friends

3. Coping with grief/loss – talking to my child about bereavement

4. Culture – what it means in my family & the wider community?

5. Diet – how do I get my child to eat a healthy meal?

6. Fashion – growing up – dealing with the influences on my child

7. Gangs – how do I spot the signs my child may be involved / interested

8. Self-esteem/confidence – how do I support my child to build resilience & manage

his/her behaviour and social difficulties

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