The use of technology is an important part of every child’s education. The computer is used as a  tool in classroom activities and wide reaching applications in all other areas of the curriculum.

We have an air conditioned, well equipped computing suite which accommodates 32 pupils. This facility enables whole class teaching of computing skills.

We use computing in many different purposes;

I.T. :                           Still – text and image, video, animation(story), presentation(ideas)

Computer Science:  Manipulating hardware and software.

                                    The term ‘coding’ is commonly  used within this area of the curriculum

Digital Literacy:       Databases presenting and calculating data

Internet safety will be taught within a new topic at least twice a term and children will be reminded how to stay safe online when researching a topic.

As you can see, computing, as in all aspects of education, the progression and continuity are of major importance. As children mature, they are encouraged to expand their knowledge and consider the moral and safety issues which arise with the use of technology.

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